School Uniforms

Why School Uniforms?

Why not?! Uniforms help keep the focus right where it should be - on school work. They have been shown to create prideful school spirit, and even a safer environment. Plus, it makes parents’ mornings a little easier - and their wallets a bit heavier!

Why Work With Us


Standard Uniform Items

Polos & Oxfords

Polos are the most affordable and sharpest-looking option to get your students in uniform. Or, take it to the next level with full-button oxfords.

Sweaters & Fleece

Winter weather? Fear no more. Your students can still represent your school with pride, even during the colder months!

Gym Wear

In addition to scholastic uniforms, we are your one-stop-shop for your Phys Ed uniform needs.

Standard Uniform Programs

Bulk Order

Consult with us regarding which items you would like to purchase, and we can help you estimate sizes for your student body. Items ship in bulk to be sold individually. Best Price, Quickest Delivery.

Website Program

Consult with us to see if you qualify for this service. We setup an online store for your families to order from and take the work out of your hands! (Must Qualify)

The Perfect Uniform Timeline

Contact Us for a consultation based on your school uniform policy and aspirations
Now we get to work setting up your ideal uniform program for the following year
Your uniform sale is in full swing throughout the summer, with the main ordering window closing in early-mid August
Your School Uniforms arrive, and you are off and running for another successful year!

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